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Pres. Biden says you are not patriotic if you don't get the shot. ???This from a loser like Biden????

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Biden shamed this country and every citizen when he blackmailed the Ukrainian President, threatened him then took bribes and  payoffs from Russia and China for himself and his loser son while Vice president under the even more unpatriotic and would have been draft dodger Obama.


Biden what a sick cowardly, incompetent loser liberal socialist/communist democrat like the rest of them.



The masks including the M-95 does not filter out a virus, covid-19 or other wise.  Even if attached to some particle larger it will detach and enter the mask.  The loser incompetents like Fauci, Jha, that idiot who got her position because what isn't between her legs, Walensky of the CDC is a mindless moron milking the taxpayer and in there for the votes the loser socialist/communist liberals and democrats get for putting an incompetent rippoff artist in a gov't position.  You might as well put a bandana over your nose and mouth, it does about as much good, concentrates the virus so you get a bigger dose.


Two, the vaccine isn't a vaccine, it prevents nothing. In fact it hinders the bodies own natural immune system from producing the resistance to the virus. We are being lied to when we are told that most new cases are in those not vaccinated.  BS, most are in vaccinated idiots and some with the boosters.   It has been shown that one is more than 40 times more likely to be re infected with covid if you are vaccinated than if you had the virus and built up natural resistance to it.  


Biden keeps  telling us eveything is free, the shots, the tests, etc.,  When if fact you are paying for it over and over again.  The drug companies are making hundreds of billions off the taxpayer, and so are the losers  experts and crooked politicians like Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and those wacko communist anti American feminist like Kamala the Clown, socialist/communist Cortez, Omar the potential Muslim radical who really cares nothing for this country and lets not forget the sicko's who claim everyone is a black hater when in fact they are White haters claiming to be victims with total entitlements to what others have earned are destroying this country and you.  Our U.S. Supreme court is full of them.  Feminist who got a free ride on the taxpayer, free college free gov't positions and hate the U.S. Constitution because it stands in their way from total control like the little tyrants and dictators they really are.


Think about it.  You are told that every one getting sick or in the hospital has covid-19 or a variant, but in reality they might only have the common flu which gives symptoms far worse than covid.  We had flu and cold pandemics every year.   No one kept track of each case.  Those who had compromised immune systems for one reason or another and got the common cold or the yearly flu died at far greater numbers than what are supposedly dying from covid and  the cause of death was stated as the more serious ailment, ie, heart disease, over weight, diabetes etc., not the cold virus or flu virus as it should be.  The loser medical industry is miss representing the facts and the truth.  Biden is a crooked lying incompetent hypocrite like the rest of them.  He has got the country destroyed from within and our enemies are knocking at our door thanks to him and the liberals and socialist/communist democrats. 


Teachers have been on paid vacation for the last two years.  Anyone really believe they are really concerned about the Kids?  You idiots you you say yes.  The only ones benefiting from the farce that those loser got us in are the ones who already have been on the take from the give away programs the democrats have put out there for votes and the con continues with their Trillion dollar give aways, the warm fuzzy con, BUILD BACK BETTER.  YAH RIGHT DESTORY AND PRETEND IT WAS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT BUT THEY WILL REBUILD.  Democrats are destructionist, not builders of anything.  They are to stupid and crooked and cowardly to do anything of real value.  But the are good con artist and crooks.


I wouldn't fly any where ever the way the loser airlines are in bed with the so called experts.  I wouldn't buy a used or new vehicle the way the auto industry went along with all the lies and garbage the liberals and communist democrats fed them.  


Wake up you morons, get some guts and intelligence.  The only thing they did for you was destroy your lives, you lively hood and our country.   



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