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Joe Biden's Mental Decline and Increasing Stupidity Hurts Democrats But Helps Republicans....


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While all of America suffers when we have an incompetent, stupid president, the Democrat Party is being set up for extreme failure and they have no leader who can combat the barrage of foolish nonsense that the Biden Administration delivers daily.  Every day, Joe Biden proves to Americans and World Leaders that he is a squish, a mental retard, someone who has no spine nor brains to stand for Americans or against foreign enemies.


But, Biden's biggest and most formidable foe is not Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping.  It is the Republican party which has been working like a well lubricated war machine to take over both houses of Congress and the presidency by 2024.  How are Republicans doing this?  Several ways, actually.  First, Republican Governors are drawing voting lines to favor Republican candidates.  This is allowed and the natural outcome of what happens when one party dethrones the other.   It just so happens that Republicans are driving this freight train straight at the Democrat Party core.


Second, Republicans are using grass roots campaigns to increase their numbers.  It's working better than anyone anticipated too.  Third, Republicans are focusing their efforts, not only on national campaigns, but on getting Republicans into local offices.  This too is working well for them.


Fourth, Republicans have control of the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court.  Democrats have been blocked at every turn with regard to broadening their progressive agenda items.   Further, most of Biden's foolish executive orders have been blocked as "illegal", which is further tarnishing the Democrat Party's image.


The Fifth point of Democrat derailment has more to do with them than it has to do with Republicans.  Democrats are beginning to openly voice their anger at just how awful Joe Biden is.  Democrats, who hate to be embarrassed and are all about image, find this old, senile, fart-brain of a man down-right repulsive.  Who can blame them?  The man of science, Joe Biden, doesn't know anything about science.  He can barely spell his own name or carry a cogent thought for more than 3 seconds.  The media can no longer cover for him. 


Most Democrats do not see Biden even attempting to run for a second term.  The media is seeing this as well, and is also working to undermine Biden.  However, as a result of Biden's weakness and his inept Administration, all of those "would be" contenders on the Democrats' side are soiled and stained by Biden's administration. The Democrats have failed to incubate and grow strong moderate leaders who would appeal to all Americans.  While the progressive wing of the Democrat party sees this as handing them more power, the more astute Democrats see this as a complete erosion of whatever power they were once able to amass.

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11 minutes ago, crazyhole said:

His weakness is creating a vacuum and it's being filled by Russia and China.   Soon, the EU will be more closely aligned with Putin and we will be a has-been on the world stage.   

Biden will sit by, diddling his flaccid penis, while watching TV showing Putin taking Ukraine and Jinping taking Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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