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Swedish Academics are Under Investigation for Discovering That Immigrants Commit Disproportionate Number of Rapes

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A top Swedish academic and her colleagues are under investigation after discovering through her scholarly research that immigrants commit an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of rapes in the country. The Swedish Ministry of Education is now investigating the report with Sundquist and her associate, Prof. Ardavan Khoshnood, under the microscope in order to determine whether or not Sundquist and Khoshnood had “ethical license” to handle “sensitive data.”


Professor Kristina Sundquist conducted research at Lund University in Sweden, with the help of two colleagues, that came to these results. This was not the intent of the study, but the evidence was so substantial that they could not help but come to the conclusion that immigrants were driving the drastic increase of rapes occurring in Sweden.


...The study analyzed 3,039 offenders and found that 59.2 percent of them were immigrants, of which a majority of that group (47.7 percent) had been born outside of Sweden. They also found that as immigrants flood into the country and commit sex crimes, fewer of the cases are solved and fewer instances of sexual violence are reported.




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