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Is this a hate crime? Also, white girls pay attention please

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35 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

Murder is not necessarily a hate crime. No one has been found guilty of her death.

It is not inconceivable that she was murdered by some White Aryan Brotherhood  for hooking up with a Back dude. There needs to be a thorough investigation and perhaps a trial.

Innocent until proven guilty 

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3 minutes ago, Pastafarian said:

Then what is your point that white women should pay attention?

Could Kingaroo be a member of some cult that punishes White women for dating Black guys?

I confess, I am very disappointed in the US Army for not making a more tolerant and less bigoted person of this fool. Thirty years in an integrated army and he is still a White Supremacist. 


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12 hours ago, king of the county said:


One is  always  responsible for the shit  (s)he  gets !


You make the wrong choice  . . .   you get shit.


There's no innocent and no guilty !

And certainly no fucking justice !


I myself made plenty of wrong choices in my life  . . .  got into troubles  . . .  but was always able to either buy my way out of them or to outsmart the ones giving me troubles.

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12 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

What do you think?


Answer the question...you hack !


12 hours ago, Pastafarian said:

Are you saying white men are incapable of killing women? Because there is lots of proof that it happens. 


Still a hack I see.


Where did the King say that white men are incapable of killing women hackafarian or did you hear that on CNN ?


Most murders / domestic violence are intraracial.


12 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

No one has been found guilty of her death.


Neither was Kyle or Zimmy until thier trial...BUT the satanic democratic nationalist ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot big tech bloggers ran with thier guilt 24-7.

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6 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

Kingaroo thinks that God dislikes interracial couples.


Everyone hates interracial couples !

especially if it involves muslimes !


Supposing I had a daughter and she'd come home to introduce her muslime boyfriend to us  . . .  she'd be on the next flight to Hungary or Poland.

One way ticket.

They just hate muslimes there and don't want any to pollute their genes !

Or maybe even to Russia !

Crimea would then be my destination of choice for her !


Any non-muslime black would have to undergo a tough vetting.

And I do mean a tough one !


In any case no Cuban commie would be allowed to come over the threshold of our home !


A White would also get a tough screening, of course !

But that is more easily done, as most Whites are honest, hard-working folks.


Rotten apples can easily be picked out of the basket.

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