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The "Best" Part of Not Drive Truck Anymore

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I somehow almost "Hate" to have to Say this..


Actually I miss Trucking..


But the last few years almost Drove me "Completely" Insane..


I "Thank" Dear Gosh that I am "Blessed" Enough that I can still call every Temp Agency in Town still get a Job Next Day..


They might not exactly be Lifelong "Careers"...


But going back afew Decades when I was on "Parole" I learned the "Value" of Temp Services..


Yeah starting off was a Rip-off like $7)$8 an hour "Back Then" and they sent a Van just for the Halfway House because we were All Working There..


Over the years I've "branched" out got a Wide Variety of Skills from "Various" places & occupations..


Being My Age still a Jack Of All..




At the Temp Agencies I never "completely" Burned a Bridge..


For "starters" Just SHOW UP & "ON-Time"..


Really these days that's a "Professional" JOB SKILL..


I "know" Wow 😳



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I should also "Warn" that the Pot is "Legal" only within Illinois and if Stopped By The Cops it "Must" be in a Container "Labeled" by a State Tax Licensed # and only up to 1 ounce..


If ya drive down the freeway from Wississppi..


Once you cross North of Russell Road the Illinois/Wisconsin Border..


In the State of Wisconsin Marijuana is still "ILLEGAL" and even a Misdemeanor "Possession" is still a Booking Room "worthy" Offense..





















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What's a "Booking Room Photos and go..


Basically they ain't got "No Evidence" Say I demand Lawyer and Book Me ..


On "Misdemeanor" atleast in many parts of Wisconsin outside Milwaukee / Racine/Kenosha where ya ain't got Dope Houses on every other corner and SHOOTING everyday. 


Like up in Eau Claire or La Crosse..


If a cop found an 1/8 of Pot in your vehicle..


Ya would be HANDCUFFS..


Ride "Downtown" the Headquarters Motherland and the  County Lock-Up .


1 even 2nd offense they cannot hold ya more than Overnight..


Bail Hearing next morning and they'll throw that nonsense on a Signature Bond ..


But by then you shall have been "Fingerprints" and "Photographed"..


If ya didn't ask to call your Lawyer "initially"..


A big COP take ya in the "Interview Room" ask ya where ya Got the "DOPE"..



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7 minutes ago, Old Mack said:





When I was a kid..


Sometimes I couldn't eat the cone fast enough.


I'd get "smacked" not for wasting.


It was usually my GOOD CLOTHES" an that Shirt was $35 bucks..


My "Father" would beat the "Daylights" outta me. ..


Later on his own "Death Bed"...


Whenever they were trying to welp "Have Sex"..


You'd do something and your Momma have to "Chase Ya"


I don't even know why I am "sharing" this with ya. 

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6 minutes ago, Old Mack said:


I was never a kid...I was a dysfunctional adult all my life.




I was once a "Dysfunctional" Kid who became an even more "Dysfunctional" ADULT..


Really it was "Age" that got me WISE..


I can't Run like I used to anymore.


Heck I don't even daydream about a cabin in the woods anymore.

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Say @Old Mack know how I got the "Karl Childers"..


Back in Jail 🙄..


One of a dozen "White Guys" on a Cellblock Teir..


I mostly mind my own business..


In General Population I mostly went to school or whatever Institution tried to get on with grounds keep be out side or winter forget snow plows..


CAll 50 guys down grab shovels get at it .


Extra Chow and throw another $5/$10 bucks bonus on your "Canteen Books" so ya can Order stuff like Top Roll-up or Bugler and Kite .


Ramen Soups...


In the Wisconsin Department Of Corrections they don't "Provide" shampoo , deodorant, or even razors.


Ya must buy off Canteen Slip.



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I forgot "Karl Childers" some black dude said this guy talk country like a "Mofo" ..


"Sling blade"..


Welp at Portage a laugh was Love Em Mustard and Biscuits..


I'd look at em all crazy too.


Once I got shipped off from there got to a Minimum Place.


Got to School.


People had problems but more like "High School" beside down in "Minimum" nobody was about it "Bitch" Out because can't F-WORD up their Parole or "Mandatory Release" Date.


Up in Portage Correctional or CCI.


That was "Maximum" Security ..


Half the Population ain't "Never" gonna see the "Light Of Day" ever again.




That's "Life" without Parole basically ya "Die" in Waupun Nursing Home Unit..


Actually at that Point codified into State Of Wisconsin Law the DOC or any State Agency for that "matter" must First & Foremost do Buisness State or Locally on a roadmap that changes constantly each Election


If ya bleeding 2 death or Heart Attack they'd call 911 for "Immediate"


Anything else ....


Institution Grounds each have a Health and Doctor unit..


I suppose nowadays with cheap defibrillators from China or Korea that could Technically be considered Emergency Response..


University Of Wisconsin Medical College is the "Exclusive" Provider of "Everything" Else..


From whatever far flung out part of the State..


Ya shall be Shackled Up and put on a Bus or Van to Madison the State Capitol..


Inside the UW Hospital is a "Blocked Off Wing"..


I'm in State Prison Greens Handcuffs to a Wheelchair..


A C/0 is pushing me to an X-RAY room and people are "Waving" at me.


I put my head closed my eyes didn't even wanna see the "Real World" at that point & time .





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