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Which poster with opposing views you can strike up a friendship with.

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8 minutes ago, Pastafarian said:

I find you very respectful. 

When having an interesting discussion, I try to be respectful.  But, I am aware that I can dive deep into the asshole realm as well.  As for you, Pasta, I can't think of any time that you have not been respectful.  

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8 minutes ago, crazyhole said:

Strange premise.    Is it abnormal to be friends with people that have opposing views in real life?   Why would it be different on a message board?


The arena of ideas.


... does not necessarily have to be an octagon.


Most Leftists are too adolescent to understand that and are incapable of behaving like an Adult.

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hackafarian !


Like Fox News he's fair and balanced.   (most of the time)


BTW: I am half JOOish so I can say Kike anytime I I want,.




The NYT second edition of the same story.






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16 minutes ago, slideman said:

Skans is a Nazi who wants to shoot people.

If you want to be friends with such a person that is your choice.

He wants to shoot everyone. He makes no distinctions. 

He’s one conservative who’s never been racist. At least not from what I’ve read. 

I respect that. 

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59 minutes ago, Z09 said:

I was trying to be friends with Maineman but one day he wished my Mother would be kidnapped and sodomized....

..I kinda thought that was over-the-top

The worst kind of “yo momma” reference. 

Can’t call that a joke. 

Dumb ho. 

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