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Please pray for me...I am suffering from Missing White Woman Syndrome.

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5 hours ago, SixShooter said:


He's also never seen a black woman as cute as Gabby


See now?



Good point. She's not just white, but white and attractive. That makes a huge difference.



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5 hours ago, Imgreatagain said:

Lots of people get murdered or go missing everyday. Which story gets the attention depends on what people latch on to.

Maybe people don’t care about blacks that go missing. But that would mean that blacks don’t care either. 
meh . Whatever 


I'm tellin ya. If she was 40 yo and 300# you never would've heard anything about it



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30 minutes ago, SixShooter said:


And young. And cute. Not attractive- cute


From the video the cops released of the domestic between her and her boyfriend on the side of the road, she appeared to be a little mentally unstable as well... and her boyfriend seemed like a dunce.


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1 minute ago, impartialobserver said:

Having read up a bit on this. They were both a bit fucked up. From what I have read of him, he does not the rational mind to survive on his own in a swamp and so is probably dead by now. 

He definitely didn't seem like he was all that bright.



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