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My God this is Sad


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Years ago this place was abuzz with intellectual conversation. Dozens of progressives posting replies. This forum has really been left to the handful of rightwingnut dregs in the NHB forum. Funny when I first came here and made my very first post I can remember being shocked when I was immediately attacked by rightwingding. And I thought to myself what on earth is he doing on a Liberal Forum. Well I guess they won. Or maybe all the open minded intelligent folk who left did. Where to go now. Been kick off FB too many times?

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On 9/11/2021 at 12:11 PM, TheHeadLiberal said:

No, right-wingers didn't win. Far from it. Participation just needs to elevate that's all. Progressives are still very much around but they just need to be motivated enough to begin posting again. Any suggestions?

I don't have any. It's the Facebook effect with everything from liberal groups to anti Republican groups seems to be where everyone has flocked to. Seems the knuckle dragging low life conservative scum still hid out on private forums where they're amongst their own kind as they are in life. Conservative little rural towns in the woods. 

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