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The 1/6 Commission hearings... and other Democrat National Socialist/Communist Show-Trials...

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"Let the Show-Trial Continue!"



- Seditious Democrat National Socialist/Communist Treason/Coup -


... like the Island of Misfit Political Malcontents.

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25 minutes ago, Blue Devil said:


Look, Wing'ed Monkeys... mating.






Just now, slideman said:

I am a big fan.



I'll bet.



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3 hours ago, Str8tEdge said:
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8 hours ago, Str8tEdge said:

@jerra- and @slideman probably forgot about this lol….


35 Capitol Police Officers Under Investigation, 6 Suspended for Letting Protesters inside US Capitol — The Same Protesters Who Were Later Arrested for Entering US Capitol


It’s amazing how there’s dozens of videos and an actual investigation involving suspensions but @jerra- and @slideman claim it’s a lie. 

And this folks, is why you can’t discuss anything with a leftist. 


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1 hour ago, EltonJohnson said:


So here we go...  people  like @maineman can make an easy $10K, since he  claims  this was all WNL


All the states that  did the stop counts (you know,  for resting)  all had the  identical  curves 





How do you explain the phenomenon from the 2020 Presidential referred to as the ‘Drop and Roll’? 

To date, no one can provide a reasonable explanation of the anomaly uncovered in the 2020 Presidential Election referred to as the Drop and Roll.






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9 minutes ago, Str8tEdge said:


The letter was to inform Peters that the Biden HHS and NIH was refusing to produce all unredacted copies of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails, some of which had already been made public through heavily redacted FOIA requests.

But HHS refused to be transparent and redacted the requested information.

Looks like Fauci got caught trying to cover up his scandal. 


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1 minute ago, NeoConvict said:

Stalin knew there were only two genders.


Stalin - would have filled the Gulag Archipelago w/ these faggot Democrat National Socialists.

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2 hours ago, Str8tEdge said:



Among voters of all parties, 53 percent supported the investigation, down from 66 percent in the survey in June and 58 percent just a week ago. Four out of five Democrats were in favor, while only a quarter of Republicans were, along with half of independents.




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