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5 minutes ago, king of the county said:

What do you not understand about the meaning of everybody?


28 minutes ago, king of the county said:

Yea trust but verify 

Pelosi is clear....she had no authority over anybody involved in the insurrection

so requires no investigation.



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1 minute ago, crazyhole said:

I couldn't care less what name they mention.    We already know that the entire thing is going to focus on him.   


You would be wrong.

The targets would be the members who were aware of the plans and 

did not report it to authorities.  There were quite a few GOP members tied to



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10 minutes ago, Scout said:

On the other hand, we had quite a few GOP members of the House giving PROHIBITED tours to people on Jan. 5th who were

part of the insurrection the next day.  For some reason, McCarthy wanted to block the investigation of these people.


Weird how none of those house members have been named yet.   

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3 hours ago, slideman said:

This is total b******* there is a police board that is responsible for the capital police it is not pelosi this is nonsense

Pelosi is a horrible criminal, as is her husband.  She needs to be investigated.  She is right at the very corruption epicenter of the Democrat party and this nation's House of Representatives.  Shame on you for even attempting to defend such a horrific criminal!

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1 hour ago, crazyhole said:

Jesus lord almighty.    Are you so dense that you don't understand the meaning of "everybody"?


Nine(9) letters, and a compound word ta boot.


You are dealin' w/ a public indoctrinated Wing'ed Monkey.


Go slowly, and use small words.

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