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My problems with Generation Y

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The root of my problem with Generation Y, is a series of things, to make it easier to understand, I'll separate the issues in a list.


#1. I'm not really part of a generation, I don't see things the way that people think that a "generation" typically or stereotypically is supposed to see them.


Here is why.

On August 11th, 1986, my mom was 36 years old, just over 1 year older than I am today.

But that 36 year old in 1986, was born in 1950.

Policies and way of life back then made 36, the psychological and psycho-social equivalent to about 50 today.

I am no where near as mature as today at age 34, as she was in 1986 when she was 36.

And growing up, she obviously got older still.


By the time I was 10, she was 46..


My dad was even older, he was 43 years old, in 1986 when I was born.
And he was in the military.

He was easily, psychologically a and socially 70 or 80.

Considering all the factors that made his personality.

I have no generation Y siblings.
One is just a few years too young to be called a boomer..
And one is a generation X.

And one would actually be a boomer, if he survived birth.

#2. Most white members of generation Y come from the suburbs.


They take peace, they take clean, they take healthy and they take safe, and prosperity for granted.


I come from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


None of those things I take for granted..
I seek those things and I celebrate when I get those things.

#3. I am physically 34 years old, I have no physical problems whatsoever..

In fact, I'll tell you right now, that my body is one is hell of a well oiled bio-mechanical machine, and one of the best out there.

I'm as good now as I was at 12, improved through growing.
Bottom line.


Humans make mistakes and fuck up..
And that sometimes comes at the cost of ones health..
But I am in the human world, where a lion in his prime should be.

Generation Y is now between 24 and 38 years old.

That puts me a very big physical advantage.


I have my demons of course..

But I am very experienced, how so, I don't know..


But I have been said to run psychologically and socially old.


These two are basically having the cake, and eating too...
Strength and Vision.

It doesn't make a lot of friends.

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