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Using politics to my advantage

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When the police detectives knocked on my door about my dealings on Quora...


I told the police that I'm facing anti American sentiment by a whole gaggle of unruly alcoholics drunks  over there in Europe, who have no regulation about alcohol, be it most appropriate drinking age based on medical science or responsible consumption behavior...

And who have alcohol related mental and emotional health problems that are never addressed over there.


And secondly, let me tell you this too, because you're just a cop, you might not know, with all due respect...

That Brit over there called the British police, who contact Quora...

And then Quora contacted American police..


Well, the Brit over there is under what is called the magna Carta.

Since he called the cops on me, I'm going to just going tell you people..

He's under the magna Carta..


It does not guarantee freedom of speech, which automatically allows the civil laws which he bound by.


He don't have the freedom of speech, alright? He doesn't, period.


The Brit is bound by anti hate speech laws, anti discrimination laws and by non-anti social behavior laws.


His anti americanism is a type of  xenophobia, to him.


And I want you to contact the British police and invoke their policies against the British subject who caused this problem.




The police were amazed.. but they did it.


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