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Fulton county board of commissioners want all dounties audited!

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1 hour ago, XavierOnassis said:

He found a dolt that did not bother to check his own post. 



How does it matter in any way, Cuban commie !

You got what he meant  . . .  and that's what counts !




Besides  . . .  you really got no room to talk, fatherfucker !

You're one of the mosts retarded here, when it comes to typos !

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2 hours ago, slideman said:

So you think I am a Marxist but I don't know it?

You are very confused

You are so stupid you may not even understand that you are pushing their agenda.

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7 hours ago, slideman said:

You are an anti-American Un-American piece of shit.

Says the guy that thinks the establishment should be able to choose their figurehead just like the monarchies we broke away from.

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10 hours ago, NeoConvict said:

He borrowed Trump's focus on infrastructure and added tons of unrelated crap to it. He took Trump's delicious steak and emptied his loaded depends adult diaper right on top of it. I am all for rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, not supportive of all the unrelated shit they are trying to ram through. Not a fan of all the focus on race is considering contracts. 

What Trump's focus on infrastructure? Is today infrastructure week?

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