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The left is in full meltdown mode as their “the big lie” false narrative crumbles and now 55% of Americans want MORE forensic audits as they now finally realize the government, MSM and tech oligarchs colluded to subvert democracy and elect their own puppe

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5 hours ago, Scout said:



HAHAHA!  The left is in such a "meltdown", there are few responses to the topic.


:D  :D  :D 

You guys are trained to ignore or attack anything that doesn’t fit your facsist agenda. 

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7 hours ago, slideman said:

It's the DUMBEST argument I've heard in a while. 


EVERY forensic audit should either bolster our confidence in our election system OR prove we have MAJOR issues. 


When 74,000 ballots come back that were never mailed and 90K ballots are not on the official ballot paper and the actual ballots are not even close to what was reported?


THAT'S A FUCKING PROBLEM EVERY American should be seriously interested in. 

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