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Derek Chauvin

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While the trial was still going on..


What I said was is that the fact is that Derek Chauvin had his his knee on George floyds neck...


The legal assumption must be that that illegal, violent activity of having his knee on that guy's neck, killed George floyd.

Whether or not illegal self harm drugs was in floyds system.


Violent acts of crime are always supreme over assumptive self harm.


They said that's true in human behavior..

But legally, the legal assumption is that drugs killed George Floyd, because that is the defense claim...

Until the jury says otherwise.


So I said...

What if the defense tried to claim that the Alien Zebra Queen from the planet of Green cheese casted George Floyd with blue poop in his lungs and that's what George Floyd ?

How stupid is that?


They yelled in my face screaming at me...


Well then blue poop from the alien zebra Queen from the planet of Green cheese killed George Floyd...

Until the jury says otherwise.


And they cussed me out.


I asked them this sarcastic question this in response....
Well then why don't you go arrest the alien zebra Queen and release Derek Chauvin ?

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