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Are there any black people in US history that the left rejects?

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1 minute ago, crazyhole said:

That's a good one.   Come up with 4 more just like it.   

Denzel in American something --- the drug dealer in Harlem.


OH!....just remembered --- this character from Empire Boardwalk (Steve Buscemi series on HBO). Chalky


Omar Michael Williams 2012 Shankbone.JPG


Michael K. Williams


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10 hours ago, crazyhole said:

I honestly can't think of a single black villain in US history that anybody really knows about.   


Half the video's I listen to at night time are Black conservatives...can't get more real than them.



Bogino has previously said he isn’t black, he’s Italian.  I don't know...looks like there is a negro in the wood pile to me. Just the same he is a solid dude.








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So we don't have a Jim Jones, Freddie Krueger, Manson level of black villain either reported widely by the media or portrayed as such in Hollywood (other than a couple of Denzel movies and Candyman).   I find that odd.   Doesn't this kind of undermine some of the "systemic racism" argument?

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