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Georgia Law Bar requires Pro-Trump lawyer, Lin Wood, to take mental health exam.

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The State Bar of Georgia’s investigation into far-right attorney Lin Wood and whether he should lose his law license after trying to overturn the presidential election results will move forward, as a federal judge Wednesday struck down Wood’s lawsuit trying to stop the bar from requiring him to undergo a mental health evaluation as part of their probe.


The state bar is investigating whether Wood violated multiple professional conduct rules after the election, as he brought multiple lawsuits challenging the presidential election results and spread baseless conspiracy theories online involving such figures as former Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  The bar asked Wood to undergo a mental health evaluation as part of that investigation, as the organization’s rules state “mental illness, cognitive impairment, alcohol abuse, or substance abuse, to the extent of impairing competency as a lawyer” are grounds for being disbarred.


Wood refused to undergo the evaluation and instead sued members of the state bar’s disciplinary board in federal court, alleging their request violates his First Amendment and due process rights and privacy.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten ruled Wednesday in favor of the state bar and denied Wood’s request for an injunction blocking the mental health evaluation, saying Wood “cites no law” to back up his legal arguments and his claims the bar brought its charges against him in “bad faith” doesn’t hold up because the organization had “‘ample evidence’ of conduct warranting a proceeding.”


The judge also noted that Wood should have filed his lawsuit in state court instead of federal court and pointed out there are other ways for Wood to raise his concerns about the probe as part of the bar’s procedures for investigations.


Wood has already appealed the ruling against him.



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