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Joe Biden Plans to Surrender Protections for American Steel and Aluminum

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When President Joe Biden meets with European leaders next week, he will commit to dropping tariffs protecting U.S. steel and aluminum and resolving other trade disputes this summer, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

The Trump administration put in place tariffs on steel and aluminum that it said were necessary to prevent the U.S. from becoming dependent on foreign metals, a situation that an extensive government review said would be a threat to national security. China’s share of global crude steel production increased from 53.3 percent in 2019 to 56.5 percent in 2020. Although the U.S. imports little to no steel from China directly, China’s overproduction depresses prices in the global market.

There goes tens of thousands of good paying middle class jobs. 


Great fucking job leftists. You voted for China first. 

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2 hours ago, Dontlooknow said:

Lowering the price of steel isn't a had idea. Trumps tariffs are still raising consumer prices to this day. 


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Oil and grain are consumed. Plastics derived from oil COULD be recycled but mostly they aren't. They are used to built to create Mount Trashmores all over the country.

Steel and aluminum are much more likely to be recycled.

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