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Republican in Congress wonders if the moon's orbit could be changed

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4 minutes ago, OneGoodLiberal said:

A republican who is labeled the dumbest person in Congress asked if someone could change the moon's orbit.    I knew this story involved a republican before I even clicked on it.   They have to be the stupidest fucking people in the country.   


Obviously a rhetorical question where the point being made was that Earthlings cannot control climate because we do not control the output from the sun, nor the Earth's orbit.  But, I understand how 1) Democrats don't read the articles they actually link to; and 2) Democrats are just that freaking stupid that everything goes over their heads.

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“I would have to follow-up with you on that one, Mr. Gohmert,”

a more respectful reply than Gomer deserved, while contemptuously dismissive of his ignorance. 

well played. 

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