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Chauvin’s Attorney Files Motion for New Trial

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11 minutes ago, SixShooter said:


You said I missed it, and I have been unable to find it


If you've seen it, a link would be pretty easy


Without the completed questionnaire, all we have to go on are his words on camera. Which are fatally contradictory



I said you had missed the voir dire recording.


Again... I don't much care.  There is nothing I can do to move the needle, so I will be content to let the Minnesota judicial system do their jobs.

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It should be a mistrial. They will delay that call until winter. People don't tend to go outside and burn shit to the ground when it's below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

White man getting a fair trial in this country?    Lol...just deport the guy.

1.  Mail-in voting. 2.  Wetback voting. 3.  No I.D.     voting. 4.  Ballot harvesting. 5.  Late voting.   3 days after election day in swing states.   All Dem votes. 6.  Negro

On 5/5/2021 at 12:22 AM, Old Mack said:

Attorney Eric Nelson filed the request (pdf) to a Minnesota court arguing that a new trial should be granted in the interest of justice and because an abuse of discretion had deprived Chauvin of a fair trial. He also contends that Chauvin’s conviction was tainted by prosecutorial and jury misconduct, errors of law at trial, and that the verdict was contrary to law.



Old Mack, don't you see that Chauvin's defense  team was setting up for a retrial?   They knew they could not defend against a rabid public.  His guilt was assumed by all.   So, his team said let them win but let us save our real case for the retrial in the next year or so.   The team omitted obvious evidence on purpose saving it for the real trial.  


Chauvin was obviously only guilty of manslaughter.   Only a fool would believe that Mr. Chauvin knew that he was killing Floyd.   Did you notice that the major issue of how many times that move was made on others without resulting in a death was never brought up?   Why?  it is obvious that the defense are saving it for when they have a real trial next year or so when public opinion has dissipated.   Chauvin was guilty of manslaughter just like if he had drove recklessly into a car and killed Floyd that way.    The closest the trial came to truth is when someone mentioned that the move that Chauvin used was approved in their policing manual.    


Second degree murder means the killer intended to kill.   Obviously, Chauvin would not have been trying to kill Floyd.  He was showing off to the novice police that were with him.  He is a very bad and stupid ex-policeman unemployed and heading for prison who no doubt had gotten away with similar cruel treatments for his 26 year career.   

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1 hour ago, maineman said:

I said you had missed the voir dire recording.




5 hours ago, SixShooter said:

I saw the blank questionnaire, but not Mitchell's answers. Did I miss those?


5 hours ago, maineman said:

apparently you did.


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9 hours ago, Dr. Joe B. said:

Chauvin was obviously only guilty of manslaughter.   


Only a fool would believe that Mr. Chauvin knew that he was killing Floyd. 


Agreed ! (in the highest degree)


That doesn't / didn't matter to a mob that wanted blood.

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