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39 minutes ago, whiteboy said:


You are of weak intellect ...



You’re giving him too much credit. He perpetuates the stereotype blacks are low IQ. 

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1 hour ago, king of the county said:

Turn off the boob tube 

Oh the irony being your obsession with boobs...albeit not to the level of Crimea....

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45 minutes ago, king of the county said:

Hell yea don’t blame me i voted for trump!

That is a good reason to blame you. Fortunately, you were outnumbered.

Trump had nothing to do with the George Floyd case, other than riling up racists.


Regarding Gutfeld's comments, the fool makes no sense.

He claims that Chauvin should be found not guilty because his neighborhood was looted.

Chauvin did not cause that, Neither did Floyd. Looting is always done by opportunists.


Then he says that Chauvin being found not guilty was a good thing, because his neighborhood  was not looted.

CNN ought to can this guy, he cannot think about anything other than himself.



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