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Plastic Is Falling From the Sky.

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3 hours ago, Imgreatagain said:

They don’t realize how almost everything they use has plastic in it.


So ?

Many don't  . . .  mainly happy-go-lucky  youngsters  . . .  both libs and cons !


By far most do  . . .  mainly adults  both  libs and cons !


Difference is:  some have a stake in denying the problem  . . .  and others don't and won't.

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24 minutes ago, drvoke said:


Even the ocean's deepest reaches are not safe from plastic trash


Plastic bag photographed at the deepest place on Earth, the Mariana Trench.

Well there goes my respect for the Mariana trench.   If a plastic bag can get past its defenses then it isnt as impressive as I thought.  

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