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How Empty can the gop get....as they Cling to their Lying ConMan

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21 minutes ago, JimmyJacksAlot said:

Yeah and don't mention it or you have tds. Oh no. 

They probably are secretly ashamed that they are too broke to donate much to his scam

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3 minutes ago, Zaro said:

Conholes are pathetic. Groveling before the all-time looooooooser Trump



Do you wish...........to make me smile  ??


Buy me a beer.

Make me smile.                                      

I am from Eagle Pass.

But exprct me to buy all the beer.


I am ..............human...................................

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24 minutes ago, Zaro said:

Elnut is insane

No doubt about it. He thinks trump was bad for the military industrial complex. He knows nothing about the subject as always. 

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