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For Joe Biden... arguments about CCONSTITUTIONAL, 2nd ammendment, RIGHTS... are PHONY... BECAUSE Democrats see guns as a THREAT to their plans to FORCE America into SOCIALISM !!

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I think AMERICA... it's TIME to WAKE UP !!


Gun violence should be an argument about:


1)  Mentally deranged people owning guns (a HUGE majority of those who commit mass shootings have a HISTORY of mental illness, and are KNOWN to be unstable)... and


2)  NON Citizens owning guns (who SHOULDN'T be here in the FIRST place... MUCH LESS own GUNS) !! 


NOT ABOUT law abiding AMERICAN CITIZENS who want to PROTECT themselves, owning GUNS...


BUT, Democrats WILL NOT even CONSIDER IT... much LESS listen to THAT argument... because it DEFEATS their GOAL of DISARMING AMERICA !  And WHY do you think THAT is such a priority for Democrats... IF, ACTUALLY protecting American citizens from armed people SHOULDN'T have guns in the FIRST PLACE, was REALLY their goal ?  Because THAT is NOT their goal... AND with THAT as a premise... WHAT other reason COULD they POSSIBLY have... EXCEPT...


BECAUSE Democrats see guns as a THREAT to their plans, to FORCE America into SOCIALISM !!



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