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There should be a rule about those who flagrantly lie here.

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Its all a scam by the left.   You know a liberal is lying when.....they open their mouth    

Clever aren't you?   I am tired of the repeated outrageous lies of the left here.

Proving that someone lies on an internet forum is not as simple as it seems. If I support x and you do not... the usual tactic on here is to say that I am a lying POS. 

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9 hours ago, rick55 said:

You know the old saying: If you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative at 40, you have no brain.

I don't know about that - I was definitely not a liberal at 20!  I was all Republican, conservative and hated shallow leftist protesters even then.


Yet, I am a sensitive and caring kind of guy when it comes to caring about the right things.

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based on post modern philosophy, there is no truth, only power.


The very concept of objective truth is not as universal as people seem to assume...it was kinda unique to european culture which is the reason europeans took over the world (because they were correct about truth being a thing)


For this reason, i just dont think it is worth debating with leftists. They are a people who can only be oppressed (some day)...never persuaded.

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18 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

Liberals have been lying forever about how their tax cuts increase revenues and how tax cuts for the wealthiest "trickle down" to the poos and middle class.

They lie about how Democrats are more fiscally responsible..


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