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12 hours ago, ButtSlave69 said:

I miss my friends  .  .  .  @CrimeaRiver, @Skans@Old Mack,   @JTZilla@Duck615@MidnightMax, @SixShooter, @EltonJohnson, @Str8tEdge, @CommieSlayinGirl, @SootedUpCyndi,  @Z09@Mirabeau@Imgreatagain @impartialobserver@crazyhole , @Wallco1 , @ROG62.  .  .  and I even miss that asshole @king of the county  . . .  


And many more !


C'mon,  @kfools, you fucking dicktater  .  .  .  don't be an asshole  (that'd be a difficult task for you) !


I already promised I'll never bring up the donation topic ever again !


You don't want my money  .  .  .  so be it   .  .  .  I'm fine with that  !

We all float down here.  Some float more than others.  Me, well, for now, I'm light as Helium and can float up into Heaven if I so choose.  You?  Sorry to say you are thick as lead soup, floating just above depleted uranium.  Would you like to have a sip of uranium-tinged Glendalough Gin?  I keep it on the top shelf with some diet tonic water and some well hidden key lime juice for those special moments when my singular beer just won't do. 


I must thank you, brother, because you stick in Kfool's drawers like drought-cured sand-spurs.    Because of you, I am but a tiny blip in his brain where he must occasionally force himself to grunt out a "fuck you, Skans" when he can be bothered. I can float between Heaven and Hell with a grin on my face and and Crest on my breath, eyeing fallen angels with bad intent. :)

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On 3/31/2021 at 2:16 AM, impartialobserver said:

Well, wish you luck. 


Thanks you.


But I was born under a lucky star  . . .  and Lady Luck  never ever let me down  . . .  not ever for a day !


I was, am, and will forever be what  . . .  

13 Best gladstone gander ideas | gladstone, disney duck, duck tales

. . .  is for WD !

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I miss my friends  .  .  .  @Skans @Old Mack,   @JTZilla @Duck615 @MidnightMax, @SixShooter, @EltonJohnson, @Str8tEdge, @CommieSlayinGirl, @SootedUpCyndi,  @Z09 @Mirabeau @Imgreatagain  @impartialobserver @crazyhole , @Wallco1 , @ROG62, @Taipan  .  .  .  @king of the county  . . .  

And many more !


Oh well  . . .  I'll just go over to my new home.

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