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Ever notice...90% of the republiKLANS posts are RACIST or about guns??

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it is not all that difficult to explain why most artistic types are typically liberal. As an artist, you are in the pursuit of creating something new. To do so, you have to push boundaries and not simply recreate the status quo. Nothing interesting about seeing/hearing something that someone has done before. Politically, liberalism is about changing the social fabric... do you see a connection? Artists tend to live on the fringe of society and so it seems natural that they would want equality 

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Just now, benson13 said:

Also a drunk, drug addict.... bush



and womanizer.... trump 

Ugh. Fucking non quoting POS. 
I don’t like you. I just want you to know that. 
no one likes you. We are all laughing at you. You DO realize that? 

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19 minutes ago, nuckin futz said:

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'BREAKING NEWS: BRAVO!!! PRES. BIDEN ANNOUNCES GROUNDBREAKING NEW OFFSHORE WIND POWER PLAN THAT WILL POWER HOMES FOR 100 MILLION AMERICANS AND CREATE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF JOBS! Biden plan sets aside 800,000 sea acres from Long Island to New Jersey for new wind farms in order to generate 30 gigawatts of offshore energy by the end of the decade, reducing emissions by 78 million metric tons! I SUPPORT THIS 100%! OCCUPY DEMOCRATS'


Occupy Democrats?  Yeah, just as credible as any other extremist propaganda cite.


Biden's administration, always hostile to the 2nd Amendment, is now demanding police ignore the 4th Amendment as well for the purpose of sending in police to confiscate lawfully owned arms.  In other words, Biden is hostile to the Constitution as a whole, and is thus unfit to serve as POTUS.

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1 minute ago, benson13 said:

I'mshitagain....F Off redneck


Awwwww. Poor widdle MY LITTLE BITCH!!!

Did the big ol bad LADY of the FORUM get under you skin a widdle??

TRIGGERED you as always???


Awwww. MY LITTLE BITCH has a booboo.



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Interesting item. The counties with the highest percentage of gun ownership are highly correlated with two things... low crime and low personal income. Yes, spotty data comes in when you are talking about counties with less than 1,000 and so you have to be somewhat creative. 

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On 3/30/2021 at 1:26 PM, Imgreatagain said:

I’m not a redneck. 
ive never been shit. 
learn how to quote. 

Lol. I may need to rephrase that. I’ve never been a shitty person. 
that is better 

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