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One of the weapon systems to keep the USA at bay

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This is obviously a cargo ship.

This is the largest freighter in the world.


But, build 24 of these, not to carry cargo.

But to have 120 nuclear missile silos in rows...

Each ship can launch 120 Stratoforce Intercontinental Nuclear Ballistic Missiles, each carrying 24 nuclear warheads, each warhead putting out an 800 megaton nuclear explosion.


And give it anti ship missile Launchers that fires nuclear tipped anti ship missiles, designed to take out aircraft carriers.

And torpedo tubes, launching nuclear tipped torpedoes that carry 4 nuclear warheads



This is in addition to a force of 40 nuclear powered, nuclear missile submarines.



This all sounds like something that Russia might try..

Or might have threatened the USA with in the past...


But this is western technology that it is made with.


And compared to the Soviets or the Chinese, we also are free people, and we have a marketplace other than the military...


We have much more access to the world market, selling much more desirable and competitive goods than of course, the Soviet Union.




So we have much more staying power.



This is one of the ways I would do it.

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