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Boys Kicked Out of Catholic School Over Mom’s Sexy Housewife OnlyFans Account

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On 2/23/2021 at 6:34 PM, drvoke said:

a group of people standing next to a child



Her family was cancelled because she belongs to a website. Are you kidding me?



Boys Kicked Out of Catholic School Over Mom’s Sexy Housewife OnlyFans Account (msn.com)


(Full article at above link)


You’d think that if you got a call from your kids’ school saying that they had been expelled that it would be for something that they had done wrong. However, that wasn’t the case for one Sacramento, Calif., family. Crystal Jackson says her two elementary school aged boys were kicked out of their Catholic school after the principal found out that the 44 year old mom, known as Mrs. Poindexter to her OnlyFans followers, made her living creating and selling sexy photos.

 Mrs Poindexter @ OnlyFans on Twitter: "Happy Halloween 🎃 👻😈 Average  soccer mom, 44 #milf #onlyfans #girlsoftwitter @Latinculos @jennysmatures… "



She's not even a real slut, she just pretends to be one.




Good for the boys.


Now maybe they wont be raped by a priest ...


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