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BREAKING... Tiger Woods in a serious car crash... In SURGURY now, with multiple leg injuries ! WOW... I feel sorry for him... after everything he's been thru... NOW... EVEN MORE !!

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1 hour ago, Wallco1 said:

A man has to got to know his limitations.  He doesn't .


It looks to me like it happened in Palos Verdes, CA... and area with which I am pretty familiar... There are canyons around there... very dangerous... and if you go down one... it can end up like this... or worse !  That said, I've driven up there, three sheets to the wind... and never went over one of them...


I can't help but wonder what the circumstances were... I would be interested in his state of mind, and if drugs and alcohol were involved ?...


Like I said, it's dangerous... but not THAT dangerous... unless like Junior Seau a couple years ago, he is just done with living... Seau survived the cliff, before he ended for good a couple years later.  I HOPE that's not what Tiger is facing... MY GOD, he has 2 young kids...

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UPDATE... it doesn't look like there were any drugs or alcohol involved... he was taping some golf lessons at PV country Club a few minutes before... and somehow got involved with this... maybe just speeding?  Who knows... I;m sure there will be more soon !!

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