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Those who stormed the D.C. capitol on 6 Jan., 2020 were the real patriots and keepers of the constitution. It is their White House, not the crooked politicians milking us dry.

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Unlike the rioters who took over cities on the west coast, torched, burned, destroyed federal property, killed police and citizens that the liberal left and the socialist communist democrats like Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer Ocasio Cortez (she actually ran a fund raising campaign to raise money to bail out rioters who were arrested ) encouraged to keep destroying and violate the law, the DC demonstrators were protesting the destruction of this country, our constitution and our rights and freedoms by the democrats and their criminal controlled element and the liberal left news media who instigated those riots and criminal conduct and "INSURRECTIONS".   It just shows you how the Soviet Union, Chinese Communist, North Korea, Iran etc., can control a country and peoples minds when they control the "TRUTHS".  and can censor facts and information like what is happening in this country with the liberal left news networks and the criminal who run them.


The demonstrators in Washington DC were exercising their rights and responsibilities and for the most part legally. Obviously a group that size could have been extremely destructive if that was their goal and obviously it was not.  Very little damage was done overall even with the selective news broadcast by he liberal left.    Unlike the liberal left communist democrat controlled rioters.


 It is their White House (the demonstrators, not the millionaire, billionaire democrats milking the system like Pelosi, John Kerry, Biden etc.,) and all the assets within it belong to them and the citizens of this country not the crooked politicians who illegally use the judicial system, our courts, congress and  those assets and taxpayer dollars to push their sick communist agenda and milk the treasury dry for this outrageous salaries, benefits etc., they neither earn or deserve.   Primarily the democrats, lots of so called conservative republicans need to face the anger and outrage of the citizens and be held accountable since the controlled left system can no longer be counted on to do that job anymore. So when do the citizens need to act and take control?   When the system is broken as it is today. It is up to the people to eliminate it and rebuild it to where it needs to be and once was.  That was what the demonstrators on 6 Jan., were saying and the criminals in our congress and the system are scared that they just might be held accountable so they accuse the citizens of illegal acts to cover up their unconstitutional and  criminal conduct with the help of the state (democrat) controlled communist news media.   Isn't that how it always went in the past when an abusive criminal gov't and officials were faced with "accountability"?  They always accused patriots of doing what they have done for decades.

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