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The coronafarce continues with the liberal news media playing the puppet controled news media of the socialist communist democrats and leberal left.

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Can't imagine anyone other than the liberal brainwashed left listening or watching the liberal networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc., bombard us with their fake news, censored facts, manipulated and selected presentations of the pro-covid-19 death rates and the chicken little, the sky is falling and we are all going to die covid mutations, ie., here comes the South Africa variant that is going to kill us all and no vaccine can prevent it.


The fact is there are likely fewer deaths from covid-19 then there were from the swine flue etc., if you take out the numbers that the so called "experts" and the liberal news media reports that in reality did not die from covid-19 that those who died from other real causes like pneumonia, heart failure, chronic diseases that one had life long battles with and actually died from.  It is estimated (conservatively) that 50 percent of the deaths the liberal left scare tactics contribute to covid-19 can be eliminated due to the fact that covid-19 virus was or even wasn't present in those who died and at worse only helped the inevitable outcome, death by long term illness.  Same thing occurred during the swine flue epidemic where so many died but no one contributed those deaths to the swine flue virus and we definitely didn't destroy our economy, destroy thousands of thriving businesses, didn't destroy tens of thousands of careers, families, cause the suicide rate to sky rocket and turn millions into incoherent idiots demanding a free ride, food, a gov't check and flunkies for the socialist communist democrats and liberals who have used everything under the sun to destroy President Trump and our constitution.  Now they are the real criminals and threat to our country and our freedoms.


Biden was handed management of the virus on the proverbial silver platter.  The democrats called Trump a liar when he proposed a vaccine within months and the democrats and their so called experts said he lies, it will take years.   Well they got it within months as well as the means to distribute it and end the so called crises.  They, the democrats, liberals, Pelosi, Biden, Crooked lying Adam Schiff, Schumer, Ocasio Cortez etc., can't even manage something as simple as getting people vaccinated let alone develop a strategy to run the country properly.  What a bunch of  incompetent, crooked lying dysfunctional fools and traitors.  But did anyone really expect anything different?????



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