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Biden's guy Merrick Garland was asked......"Should crossing the border illegally be a crime....??..."....Here's his answer..............

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31 minutes ago, benson13 said:

Opinions are like AHs...everyone has one



on the otherhand, Laws.....he Enforces them, doesn't matter his "opinion"

So you're okay with his answer..


Let's put it this way..

If he was asked if a convicted child molester should be a gym coach and he answered "I haven't thought about it" would you be satisfied with that?

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1 hour ago, benson13 said:

rednecks....the AG doesn't make the Laws, Congress does....he just Enforces them

Dumdass...The AG oversees and directs those who would be adjudicating the crime. He has had months to prepare for his confirmation hearings. If he didn’t see that question coming, he is an idiot.

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