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I've been TELLING you all about the BLOOD THIRSTY Dictatorshi that Andrew Cuomo has lead in New York for MONTHS now... That HE ABUSED his power to put at risk 1000's of elderly Americans, and ended up KILLING many of them...

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NOW, the entire story is PUBLIC... for everyone to see !!


Andrew Cuomo:


1.  Even though because of Donald trump he had PLENTY of hospital beds, he FORCED infected COVID patients into nursing homes !


2.  He HATED the idea of using Donald Trumps Medical ships, and Portable Hospitals... and so, he sent THOUSANDS of INFECTED COVID patients to Nursing homes... and infected TENS of THOUSANDS of elderly Americans...  THOUSANDS of which DIED !!


3.  He tried to HIDE the true SCOPE of the NUMBERS of people who HE INFECTED and ultimately DIED... and so HE LIED... and he had his people LIE in their reporting !!


4.  He THREATENED the people in his administration, AND in the Media, to NOT REPORT the TRUTH... or he would "DESTROY THEM" !!


I have been talking about this TRAVESTY for MONTHS now... and MOST of the Liberals on this forum have called me a LIAR... Well, I WAS NOT, and I AM NOT lying... EVERYTHING I have said is the TRUTH... People in Cuomo's own administration, and Party are coming out and NOW ADMITTING the TRUTH... however, the FAKE News Media is STILL trying to protect him... with Emmie Awards, and FAWNING coverage...  YOU HAVE to go to FOX NEWS to get the TRUTH !!


It's no different now than it has been for YEARS now...


Democrats are more the PROBLEM than they are the SOLUTION !!


A voter for ANY Democrat... is a VOTE for MORE of the same !!



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