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Texas got off the nation’s electrical grid

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12 hours ago, Pastafarian said:

Do you own stock in Texas’ energy sector?


I bet you do. 

I might...would need to confer with my financial advisor...

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Bcuz of regulations.    lol, Texans are morons. 

I love watching these monkeys propagate their MSM deflections.    So easy to manipulate!!!!! 

well  they can't admit to the obvious

11 hours ago, Pastafarian said:

Ya and Texas didn’t plan for it. 

Like I said before. You can plan for a natural disaster a lot more than you can plan for a novel virus. 

Bullshit...and to what expense? ROI?

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11 hours ago, Str8tEdge said:

Didn’t plan for a historic natural disaster? 😆 Wow.... This is so much more important than a governor who negligently and intentionally sent tens of thousands  of elderly to their deaths and spread the virus across the entire country as healthcare workers and family members became infected.  No wonder NY was the worlds hotspot for covid..... 

Now we find out he’s a sexual predator too???


Yes. A historical natural disaster is a way bigger story than Cuomo. 

My power was out in Illinois for over a week in the middle of summer due to a freak thunderstorm that affected the entire St. Louis metro area. Did you hear about it, dumb fuck? 

How about the week long power outages every fucking year due to ice storms????

Jesus fucking Christ you simple brains are so easy to manipulate by your media. 


Wasn't there any outrage when the elderly suffered w/o AC?

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11 hours ago, Pastafarian said:

It’s not a bigger story but What happened in Texas could have been easily avoided. 

Your the one that still believes the election was stolen. 

Flipping a switch is "easy" or buying 'A' heater is "easy"...


pasta gone to your brain noodlewings? me thinks you're in a diabetic coma....

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11 hours ago, EltonJohnson said:


Youre dumb.  It was, because you can’t provide any proof it wasn’t stolen.   The entire world knows what happened,  but you are as stupid as ever.  

These libtards like noodlewings, maneman and slider are willfully stupid...

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7 hours ago, Str8tEdge said:

Yep. Now we find out the guy is a sexual predator and all around creep. Ah least it’s not children he preys on. Just abuses his power to exploit women. 

Not surprising in the least, the arrogant narcissistic fuck...

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2 hours ago, CrimeaRiver said:


 I bought into all russian oil/gas stocks after the sanctions began in 2015 - the stocks plummeted.

....they have at least doubled since😁

sweet...it's why I have a Financial Advisor...buying high and selling low wasn't working for me....

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