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Texas Disaster, where is Biden?

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Biden approved disaster relief for Texas even though the state voted heavily for trump. That's what real presidents do.

LOL.....at least you came up with something to laugh at your own stupid statement......bravo...   That being said, probably not that funny. Educate yourself on the origin of killing fields..

He gave me the will to survive the Texas killing fields

2 hours ago, Redoctober said:

and Biden is silent and the left doesn't care. 


2/22/ 21: Jen Psaki Is Asked When Biden Will Hold 'First Solo Presser', Her Answer Raises More Uncomfortable Questions



2 hours ago, calguy said:

Biden approved disaster relief for Texas even though the state voted heavily for trump.

That's what real presidents do.


Hey...remember when ultraliberals said Trump didn't anything for anyone BUT himself and his friends ?


Didn't Trump approve (eg) $75 BIL for farmers in the USA ?


You're a hack and pay to much attention to the satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot bloggers.



Trump Administration Announces Nearly $13 Billion In Aid For Puerto Rico



President Donald J. Trump Approves Emergency Disaster Declaration for Oregon



Trump declares New York a disaster area, clearing way for federal aid



California Wildfires Burn Million Acres; Trump OKs Disaster Aid


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