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Dummacraps hold all legislative power and yet

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Why have they done nothing besides a sham impeachment trial?   No increase in vaccinations No Covid stimulus Bidumb STILL hasn't "crushed" Covid Unemployment disaster 100

I thought it was a life-or-death emergency??    Impeachments and impeachment trials usually take months. Dummacraps didn't have any trouble rushing that through, did they?   Appare

I stand with six blanker. The liberals made him do it. Those evil liberals. You are the victim six blanker. Now you can storm a federal building and kill cops cause the liberals made you do it. 

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1 hour ago, CrimeaRiver said:

They control it all


They could pass full-on Socialized Healthcare tomorrow...or any PROG issue.


sad, DC is broke as fuck


Yep, and the left in here let it slide, after laughing at Trump for not getting his agenda through when he had the power



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23 hours ago, CrimeaRiver said:


Liar - CUCK. 


Biden is doing nothing for Yemen other than some vague

comment about no longer selling arms to the Saudis.


He still supports the war - just says no arms sales to SAUDI BARBARIA.


The war isnt stopping. 

Saudi is a US VASSAL...Biden could stop the war, but he wont.


See now yer educated, CUCKY

The US is to end its support for offensive operations by its allies in Yemen, which has been devastated by a six-year war in which more than 110,000 people are believed to have died.

"The war in Yemen must end," President Joe Biden said in his first major foreign policy speech.

Under Mr Biden's two predecessors, the US backed a coalition led by Saudi Arabia against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Yemen war: Joe Biden ends support for operations in foreign policy reset - BBC News


In your defense it's not like putin-fluffing parrots are chosen for their smarts ...

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23 hours ago, Duck615 said:

so biden is selling his soul and the country to china... got it

I am aware that is the official squawk given to those who just spent four years forming a cult of personality around Putin's bitch.  That said, I am impressed at how easily you cultist were programmed.  One year ago trump and XI were BFFs, trump even sucking up to Xi with a comment on how transparent Xi had been with covid. Then, trump needed a scapegoat for his own covid incompetence, and voila!, you had a new boogey man.

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