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American companies are labor scams

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In my book, I have this written as the definition of a labor scam.

A for-profit, privately owned and/or managed establishment of productive economic activity, that comes from unregulated or deregulated markets in which :


*Have little or no workers unions, where workers unions may be operated by organized crime syndicates, where workers have little or no workers rights.


*Labor employees own little or no stock in the company.


*The companies are wholly owned and soley operated by management.


*The Government allows the economic establishment to act however the management pleases, justifying their actions with portfolios, calculations, business goals and banking and financial documents.


*The Government allows it's Citizens to be totally or near totally dependent on private sector, for profit jobs for their economic well-being, and where poverty too great, can cause starvation to death.


*The Employees are hated, ridiculed, or unfairly treated by the upper classes, or by those who falsely think they're doing somehow better.


*Workers can and should expect to lose their means of support due to foreseen upcoming or existing obsolescence, profit-driven policies.

That's my country's legal definition of it.

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