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Why I'm glad America won the revolutionary war

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If Britain won...


#1. The USA would have collapsed long before now.
For several reasons..


First of all, an underdeveloped, non power, colonial White America would probably be under some form of economic sanctions long before now..

If America never had the chance to be number 1.



#2. Don't think for a second that the slavery that Britain would have abolished is the only regime we can think to come up with and implement...

without having the Constitution as we know it, to protect us.


And with the Constitution, Chattel slavery wasn't a one trick pony.



#3. Whites would be a minority.


#4. I wouldn't exist, and if I did..
I wouldn't be white for a whole lot of reasons..


Including the early abolition of slavery, and a underdeveloped white recognition and immature patriotism before the late 1800s..
Undeveloped identity.
And a lack of immigration from Europe.


So regardless of the lies about George Washington...
I'm glad we won.

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