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The economy of America throughout history

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It's not my problem that America throughout history has been dependent on pre-existing commodities and therefore didn't need an education, and so therefore even in states with higher academic standards, it still is less than in Western Europe, where such commodities are not available from home, and so they rely on global trade.



Cotton, Tobacco, and Sugar in the South.


Corn in the Midwest and Mid-South right now today.


Oil in the Southwest and in Alaska and now natural gas from the same regions and from the Black Hills.


Coal from the Appalachian mountain region.


Wool from just about any rural area.

Manufacturing labor jobs in the upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.


Marijuana now in just about any greenhouse, garden, basement or closet, 

A commodity, where legal.


Grapes in the NAPA valley, California.



All because North America is the world's natural GEM..



I didn't make this market, nature and mankind's mining and cultivation and usury of it, made it.

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