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I didn't make the tax code..

I didn't make how it's distributed.


I didn't make the fact that in the 1800s, the majority of Americans would today, be considered illiterate..

Combined with the fact that Wheeling West virginia is a former coal town that did not need to advance as long as coal was there and necessary.


I didn't make the fact from the mid 1800s, all the way to the 1970s..

Wheeling, West Virginia had one the best standards of living in America, and that you're fortunate in life if you were raised there...

Because of how well paying that coal jobs were.


And that still today, the homes have the ability to be fixed up and made into better homes than exist in a whole lot of America.



It's not my problem that there is a new generation of stagnant workers looking to take advantage of .com and other skills...

And fix up Wheeling by moving to there, to end their economic stagnation.



But Talk like that to my girlfriend again..

And I'm going to wring your motherfucking neck..

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