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In order to universally have the same outcomes to life, we need to metricate the human world..

Here are ONLY SOME of the PRE-KNOWN difficulties with it.


#1. One Universal language is needed.


Difficulties include governmental jurisdiction, and opposition that is both grassroots and centrally manufactured by political powers, and the human brain itself being barrier to learning new languages.


And such would make a winner and loser.

Because what is the perfect language for the entire human world to universally speak, write and understand ?


Base it on Latin, and you're enfranchising the west and disenfranchising the east as well as the North.


Base on Germanic linguistics, or Tutonic languages, and you're enfranchising the far north, or the most privileged people of the USA, or who used to run South African Apartheid.


Base it on some tribal language and you're disenfranchising civilization, period.


Base it on Slavic languages and you're disenfranchising the Western world as well as those who would politically manufacture anti-communist sentiment.


Base it on Arabic or Farsi and you're disenfranchising victims of terrorist attacks..


That's where that ends up.



#2. One Universal standard of what is common sense.


Here's the problem with that idea.


How common sense works entirely a a big giant construct..


It is how we avoid catastrophic accidents and other mishaps and unintentional negative consequences.


That is a construct of Central planning, amount of fear, types of fear, individual intelligence, 

Individual capability of predicting or anticipating the imminent  or near futures, 

Individual personal aptitudes to learn skills and skills acquired..

Personal inclination to judge consequences and risks..

And individual Personalities..


And ideas marketed by others and personal experiences.



#3. One Universal level of acceptance of ALL people, nomatter who they are or have ever been.


This is the problem here..


That is against our own innate survival mechanisms, evolved in tribes and groups and families.


#4. One Universal code as to what "Good Behavior" is and means..


That is about as effective as the 10 commandments out of the Bible and law itself...

And would face terrible opposition.

That is a very good definition of dictatorship.









go try to make a Doctor out of everybody


See where that goes.

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