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Just an FYI about the COVID vaccines.....

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Sounds like you are offering Str8 a snuggle by the fireplace.   Damn if you ain't one strange SOB.


^^ stolen time

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4 hours ago, Imgreatagain said:

Seriously? You say the most horrific things to ME.. you can dish it out but can’t take it.. 

oh wait.. you DO take it- from your wife . 

He probably beats his wife.

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15 hours ago, maineman said:

like I said... a guy who I knew who lived in a 1793 house that had been in his family since it was built and whose address was Horace Means, Means Hill, Sedgewick, Maine..... told me that the best way to cook lobster was to put them in a GIANT pot of cold sea water... and slowly bringing it to a boil...... rather than thrash around and tense their muscles by thrusting them into boiling water, they would instead, go to sleep.  The lobster meat from Horace's big lobster pot was T E N D E R!!!!

Cool story. But you are still a COWARD!

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