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86d   I had to @Zaro    

@Zaro I Hope your dog walks into the street and it's feet freeze to the pavement and you try to free the paws with a blowtorch but unfortunately you are not successful and the little dog is hit by a s


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On 2/25/2021 at 4:41 PM, Zaro said:

Lady Gaga's dog walker got shot and the dogs got stolen. 

Where were you yesterday, dog hater?



Anytime you need my help,

just call.

I am a hard mercenary out of Eagle Pass.

I play the game for money.

From you........I would not need much money.

I will make your enemies stand down, back up, or,

..............start bleeding to death where they stand.


Peace, cowgirl.   

Ohhhhhh.....I smuggled in  6 carton of cigs......(Marlboro)

and 6 pints of Jack Daniels.


Peace, sister.                                                                         😇..🥃 

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