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THIS is what the Marxist Socialist Democrats have in mind for America... Marxist Socialistism, enforced by Totalitarian RULE !!... THERE IS no place for Democracy, ot Perrsonal Freedom with THESE people !! SPAWNED and PROTECTED by the DEMOCRAT Party !!

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On 1/24/2021 at 8:01 AM, Squatchman said:


Why don't you do everyone in your family a favor and jump off a bridge.

They're tired of your lies.


MY LIES?  What I state are FACTS !!


Democrat policies are NOT Pro Capitalism, Pro Freedom, OR Pro American, THEY are closer to the policies of Marxist SOCIALISTS... where they CLAIM their system is more "Equal" than America currently is.... HOWEVER, they NEVER tell you that it's an equality, at a bare substance level, and IF you COMPLAIN (after they take complete control of power)... YOU will be PUNISHED... without ANY recourse of law !!


The ONLY LAW that function in a Totalitarian police state... is the law that THEY want to function !!  Equal Justice under the law?  Will be DEAD under Totalitarianism... and there  are some who will say it's ALREADY well on it's way to being DEAD TODAY !!

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