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2 hours ago, antifakiller said:

Someone needs to add this to the China Joe lies thread.


So after saying for months ad nauseum that he would “crush” the virus, now he’s not going to do what he promised?

Does this also mean he’s not going to cure cancer as well?


So when he said Trump “could have prevented every single death”, was that a lie too?

Or when Trump wanted to stop flights from China at the onset, only to be called “xenophobic” by Comrade Joe.....would that have helped - or was Comrade Joe saying that as directed by his handlers - only to say later Trump should have closed the borders. Ohhhh the irony and hypocrisy. And the uneducated cultists buy this shit. LOL....


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3 minutes ago, BeAChooser said:

My prediction is 45 days.  


That's how long they'll keep Biden around before making CommieLa president.  


They just can't afford to have him telling everyone the truth now and then.

Well you have been wrong about everything else so far. Why not make a prediction. 😂 😂

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