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I watched the hearings for Trump impeachment #2 for a little while.  Here’s some of what I saw: 

- Republicans said that Trump should not be impeached for inciting his mob’s violence, because it would divide our nation.  However, they ignored a few facts:
>These Republicans tried to steal the election from Biden, which would have divided our nation.
>And Trump spent four years dividing our nation on race and ethnicity, on police misconduct, on our free press, on our intelligence agencies, on science, on the environment, on climate change, on health care, on Covid, on wearing masks, and so on and so on.
  And he did so with the support of these Republicans.

- Republicans said that Congress should focus on jobs and Covid, instead of impeachment.
  However, they ignored a few facts:
>Trump has not focused jobs and Covid, or any of his other responsibilities, ever since the election.
  Instead his focus has been on trying to steal the election from Biden.
>And Trump did not focus on Covid for a number of months before the election.

- Republicans accused Democrats of being hypocrites, because they did not condemn the protests in our cities (e.g., Portland, Oregon) as harshly as they condemned Trump’s mob violence in Washington.
  However, they ignored a few facts:
>The protests in our cities were the result of the unnecessary deaths of black men and women at the hands of certain police.
  And the mob violence in Washington was the result of Trump’s lie that the election was stolen from him.
>Democrats condemned any looting and violence that occurred during the protests in our cities.
>Some of the violence that occurred during the protests in our cities was perpetrated by pro-Trumpers who had infiltrated the protests.

- And Republicans whined about the hard time that the Democrats have given Trump during his time in office.
  However, they ignored a few facts:
>Despite Trump’s claims of “no collusion, no obstruction, and complete exoneration”:
   the Mueller investigation could not find any collusion, because Trump’s people lied to them and stonewalled them; it found 10 instances of possible obstruction; and it did not exonerate Trump.
>During the hearings for impeachment #1, there were 17 witnesses and most of them testified against Trump.
  And then during the impeachment trial, Moscow Mitch and the Senate Republicans discounted these witnesses.
>During the Obama presidency, Moscow Mitch worked to make Obama a one-term president, instead of working with him for the good of the country.
  And the GOP was the Grand Obstructionist Party, and they refused to work with Obama for the good of the country.
>Bottom line #1:
  The Republicans gave Obama a hard time for eight years.  (Maybe they thought he was a Moslem.)
>Bottom line #2:
  The Democrats gave Trump a “hard time” because there was credible evidence that he tried to rig the 2016 election against Hillary, and that he tried to rig the 2020 election against Biden.

Although I believe that Trump deserves to be impeached, I did have some concerns about impeaching him.
  I was concerned because I feared that impeaching him could cause even more pro-Trump mob violence.  However, I also know that allowing Biden to assume a presidency that he actually won could ALSO cause even more pro-Trump mob violence.  So I came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter whether Trump got impeached or not, because either way, Trump’s mob is going to try to destroy our democracy, and to physically harm people who want a democracy over a Trump dictatorship.

It’s sad that so many people think that Trump should be president, despite the fact that Biden won the election.
  It’s sad that many of these people excuse, accept, and support Trump’s effort to steal the election from Biden.  And it’s sad that they excuse, accept, and support violence, destruction, and murder to do the steal.

It’s sad for many reasons, including the following:

- It’s sad because there is NO evidence that the election was stolen from Trump.
  In fact, Trump’s Department of Justice, and over 50 judges, said that there is NO evidence that the election was stolen from Trump.  And those judges included Republican judges, and judges appointed by Trump.

- And it’s sad because Biden is totally qualified to be president, while Trump is totally UNqualified:
  That’ is:

>Biden knows HOW to be president.
   Trump doesn’t.  After four years, Trump STILL acts like an apprentice ... an apprentice who should have been fired after his first week on the job.
>Biden wants to do the work associated with being president.
 Trump simply wants to BE president.  He loves the “pomp and circumstance” part, but not the “work” part.
>Biden wants to use the presidency to serve the needs of the American people.
  Trump used it to serve himself, his family, and his wealthy friends and donors.

>Biden will appoint competent and dedicated people to his government.
  Trump appointed a lot of incompetent people, and many of them were dedicated to ripping-off the taxpayers.  In other words, Trump appointed a lot of swamp creatures to his government.  And he was the swamp-creature-in-chief.
>Biden will have a plan to combat Covid that is based on science.  Trump’s “plan” was to rely on magic to make it go away.  And when that didn’t work, he pretended that we were rounding the corner.  Bottom line:  Trump’s plan was a “reality TV” plan.  However, the virus didn’t read the script.

>Biden will work with our governors and mayors to combat Covid.
  Trump told them that they were on their own.
>Biden will support our doctors and healthcare workers who are combating Covid.
  Trump called them crooks.
>Biden has the ability to clean-up the mess facing our nation.
  Trump created the mess facing our nation.
>Biden behaves like an adult.
  Trump needs adult supervision. 

As we all know, Trump was impeached for the second time.  And as we all know, both impeachments involved Trump’s efforts to steal the 2020 election from Biden.  In the first case, he tried to coerce the Ukrainians to dig up phony dirt on the Bidens via a “perfect” phone call.  In the second case, he tried to coerce our Congress into undoing Biden’s election by inciting a pro-Trump radical right Republican mob to commit violence, destruction, and murder.

Republican Senator Susan Collins thought that Trump had “learned a lesson” after his first impeachment for trying to steal the election from Biden.
  Apparently he didn’t, because he tried to steal the election from Biden a second time.  However, he did change his “election stealing” tactics.  (So maybe he did learn a lesson from the first impeachment.)

Trump said that he would be an historic president.
  And indeed, he is:
- He told more lies in four years than any other president in our history.
- He has created the greatest mess in our history for his predecessor to clean-up.
- He’s the first president in our history to incite a mob attack on our Congress.
- He’s the first president in our history to put the entire country under the threat of mob violence.
- And he’s the first president in our history to be impeached twice.


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