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Impeach Cory Booker... NOW!

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5 hours ago, whiteboy said:


Bullshit, that is a cop out.


Democrats have caused mass destruction, injury and death all year, and they impeached Trump for something he didn't even do.


It is now a verified fact that the Capitol incident was planned and people were lead on recon missions into the building.


Trump had nothing to do with that.







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5 hours ago, FivebyFive said:

e I saw violence at BLM rallies it was done by people in black paramilitary clothing..   They looked suspiciously like Proud Boys or Boogaloo.


I did not see a single BLM person at the insurrection



they  have been identified.   they   dressed to look like Trump  supporters 

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10 hours ago, rippy38 said:

Yeah... like this!



Apparently that’s the problem, they didn’t follow the precedent the leftists set all summer. Now, had they burned down a bunch of businesses, torched endless police cars, attacked and torched police stations, and invaded the city and set up a 6 block perimeter with people armed around it - they too would have been called a “peaceful protest”. 

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