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Were you the guy in a dress?

Fuck 2020 good riddance. 

I was referring to his flaccid and wrinkled lil' prune...   Lol   Happy New year ROG!

1 hour ago, lucifershammer said:

Fuck 2020 good riddance. 


5 minutes ago, LaughinAtLefty said:

What a strange long trip its been.....



I don't know that 2021 is shaping up any better... the whole decade may be fucked.


Happy New Year all!

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4 minutes ago, rippy38 said:


I don't know that 2021 is shaping up any better... the whole decade may be fucked.


Happy New Year all!

I typed something on my previous response, then erased it as I didn’t want to rain on the OP’s parade. But I concur with your statement, and then throw in the communist take over of our government......and 2021 isn’t looking to promising.

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1 minute ago, impartialobserver said:

Only drink once per week most weeks (although lately have expanded to 2). However, trying to get in better shape for an adventure in May and beer (my drink of choice) probably does not help that. 

I hear ya.


Hard liquor is carb free, so maybe that's an option?



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2 hours ago, lucifershammer said:

 Happy new years


Like  .  .  .  2021 . . .  2022 . . .  2023  . . . 2024  .  .  .  .  .   .  . ?


YAWNNNNN  .  .  .  


This one ain't gonna be any different a party than every day of my last  xxx years'  .  .  .  I guess my life has been a never-ending  party since the moment I opened my eyes and uttered my first gurgle  .  .  .  


Call me a lucky bastard !


 Fireworks GIFs | Tenor

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1 hour ago, whiteboy said:


Yep ... too bad we got several more years of this same shit ...


I admire your optimism  .  .  .  or disapprove of your gullibility  .  .  .  


Not sure which is prevalent  .  .  .  

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16 minutes ago, rippy38 said:

This is why I drink at home exclusively now... I might have a beer or two out with dinner, but that's it.



Your next stage  .  .  .  mine !


I don't drink outside  at all  .  .  .  ZERO  .  .  .  only, exclusively at home, with my wife or a selected, filtered few !


Over the decades  .  .  .   drinking outside  .  .  .  got me into more shit than what I think was my fair share  .  .  .   of shit !

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40 minutes ago, LaughinAtLefty said:

Curious.....why are you against vaccinations?


The last aspirine I got was from my mom when I once got a cold when I was like 10 maybe 12yo.


Since that time the only  "doctor" I ever visited was  .  .  .  a fucking dentist  .  .  .  and I am now there where I can see my grave, there yonder .  .  .  approaching  .  .  .   !


Hope that answers your Q .


And, by the way,  because Covid is a fucking hoax !


It's a lie  .  .  .  a fraud  .  .  .  concocted by DEEP STATE  to make meek sheeple of us all  .  .  .  and I'm not talking about only of US  DEEP STATE ! 


THINK   (if you can be reckoned to be capable of that)   .  .  .  it all  "supposedly"  started in China  .  .  .  an  "orwellian"  society  .  .  .  where there really was no need to  subjugate  the people there  .  .  .  they were already on a leash as it was  .  .  . the whole 1.5 billion of them  .  .  .  


Soon enough Covid disappeared there  .  .  .  .  and it  "appeared"  in the free world, where  people were free  .  .  . and  now, step by step, little by little,   are being restricted in their liberties   .  .  .  NOTE: for our own good !

And no end in sight  !


So, the chinks did it  .  .  .  even BEFORE a vaccine was available  .  .  .   and WE  .  .  .  can't ?


Wisdom mostly  (no guarantee, though)  comes with age  .  .  .  

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