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What's in the Mind of a Political Puppet?

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18 hours ago, PoliticalPopUp said:


The social identity society gave them after birth governed to defend stateof mind, not state of existing so far as ancestrally positioned until extinction from now on.  Simple basic compounding DNA of the numbers occupying space here on this planet as the whole food chain reaction to perpetual balancing between simultaneously alive since conceived to spontaneously here until decomposed.


evolving within evolution where current total sum is constantly changing people present as formed to acestral positions between fertilized cell and 1 of 16 great great grandparents.  Why can't humans intellectually accept real time is stationary their instincts navigate as naturally centered to timed apart so far where ever they occupying space as conceived to replace those made their conception happen.


Works past, current, future additions, or no additions again. Event horizons vs talking point assumptions.

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